Double standards

When a girl expresses her opinion or has a voice, she is a “loud, obnoxious bitch”

When a guy expresses his opinion or has a voice, he is a “strong, smart gentleman”

Yes, I am a girl. And I am tired of being judged, tagged, pressured by the society when all the guys around me live like they want without being pointed at. If we wear shorts, we’re “sluts” and if boys do, there is nothing wrong with that. If we go out late at night, we are “whores” but if guys do that, they are just having fun. If we get raped, we must have provoked the guy. 

We can be skinny, curvy, obese, brunette, blonde, emo, black, white, asian, brown, short, tall, homosexual, heterosexual, smart, dumb but whatever the situation, we will still be attacked by the society. We are never good enough, but guys on the other hand are the other word for perfection. Because they don’t face the same tagging, they do not have the same chains binding them. 

And to an extend, it’s us girls at fault too. We conform to the norms set by the society too soon. We don’t rebel back, but accept the situation. Stand up for your rights. If your brother can be out till 1 am, so can you. If your male colleague gets a higher pay, so should you. We are all equal, and standards should be set for humans, not sexes. 


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