The teenage life

I do not understand why my mother thinks it’s all fun and games growing up in 2013. I am not saying being an adult is fun, but teen life isn’t so easy. The problem is, most people treat teens like they’re stupid and don’t have any problems besides homework and exams. 

Right now, they’re the least of my problems. 

Look at our lives, they’re messier than our hair and our rooms! We have problems with friends, problems with family, problems with our crush, problems with studies, problems with college, problems with strangers even. The weirdest of the problems belong in our world. 

And we make stupid decisions we regret. We lose friends, we get heartbroken, we fail classes, we see our parents fight. We go through all of it, grow through all of it. 

But then, these experiences shape who we really are. They shape what we grow up to be. Yes, we whine. I whine from the time I get up till I go to bed. But you really wanna know why? Because sometimes it feels like nobody understands us. Hell, we don’t understand ourselves. 

But then, these years are also the time we have fun. We party and have awesometastic sleepovers, we laugh till our stomach hurts, we hug the crap out of our friends. We are bold, we take chances, we change. 

Every teen has their story. I am 17, and I can honestly say I don’t want to be 18. The world out there is scary, and I don’t want to step into it. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like coming back home. All I want to do is stay in school – yes, the teachers are sadists, the classes are meant to inflict PTSD, but school is where we make friends, or more like siblings. I don’t want to go to college and start all over again.

I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to being a teen. But I know for a fact that all the times now are going to be memories later, so I’m gonna do my best to make them worthy of remembering. 


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