I am sick as hell you people, but my school expects me to attend lectures. Like what, I can’t get off my bed here and you want me to travel so much, go to that place with is more like is gym where you have to walk, push, jump and yell so much?

So I guess I am gonna put my lab hours at stake in return of staying alive and sane.

But this got me thinking, don’t you think our education system is seriously flawed? We test from this one perspective. It doesn’t matter if you understand the concept, but you need to be excellent at by hearting the answers. Your other talents can rot in hell. You do need 8 hours of sleep, but you also need sports and complete the tons of homework. And oh, study for SATs. 

I feel our education system puts too much pressure on the kids, and then all of us end up feeling pretty damn stupid. 


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