Encouragement? I guess not.

It’s been ages since anyone, like anyone, said something encouraging to me. Being in the year to of IB, everything is getting out of hands. I’m not gonna blame anything on my teachers, I am ready to take all the blame and work more now. 

My only problem is, you are there, seeing me reach my breaking point, but yet all you can do is point out my flaws. About how I let people down, about how I lost my focus. You know what, yes I let people down and that is why I lost my focus. It’s not like I live in paradise, and recently I shifted my residence from Earth to Hell. And trust me, it’s not easy to focus on academics in hell.

And not ONE out of my many critics said “It’s alright, we all fall down”

Maybe the times have changed. Failure is not the first step towards success, it’s the final step towards misery. You fall back, you stay back forever. Maybe that is the bitter truth we are too ignorant towards.

Nevertheless, I am trying here to be my own encouragement. I have to make the most of there 6 months I have in my hand. Do everything to cross that 40 boundary. 


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