Girls, all guys are not jerks

I am a girl, but I am tired of listening to girls always whining about all guys being jerks. Alright, some of them are jerks, I’ll give you that. Hell, I know guys who deserve to rot in hell. But, that does not mean I say that billions of humans are douche bags. 

Let me tell you something. If a guy hurts you, possibility is that the one to save you and help you stand up back again is a guy too. He will break the face of the guy who hurt you. He will stay up all night just to make you feel safe. He will hug you when you feel like crying. He will leave sweet messages on your phone. He will keep reminding you of how wonderful and beautiful you are. 

Newsflash: Good guys exist. 

How would you feel if guys start saying all girls are sluts and whore if on girl cheats on her guy? Or how would you feel if they say all girls are dumb only because *cough* Paris Hilton *cough* is? You would hate it, and so do they. Guys are humans too. All guys have good and bad in them, nobody is an angel or a demon. 

So, take my advice. Stop tagging guys as heartless and pushing them away. Treat them as human beings, and you just might make a new friend. 


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