Perfectly Imperfect

I am a girl. No, I don’t have the flawless face or a to-die-for physique. I’m just normal. I have eyes that people love, and I have long hair. But I am also short, and there are imperfections I can point out. I absolutely hate my smile. I wish my skin was move even. There are so many things.

I don’t have a perfect life. I have friends and family, and I love them. But, I lose friends, we fight. I’m not perfect. I hate bitches but I bitch about bitches being bitches. I have those fun night outs partying, I have those long nights before an exam. I cry, I smile. I get scared, and I get excited. 

Sometimes I feel lonely even when I’m not alone. I feel like nobody can understand me. The other times, I am grateful and thankful for the people around me. I make mistakes, and I make them again. I’m still learning, still growing. I love myself, I hate myself. Sometimes I want to live for eternity, sometimes I wanna quit. 

This is what I am…perfectly imperfect. 


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