Words do hurt

Words hurt, and they hurt a lot. I’m not gonna claim that physical assault is any lesser, but words come like attacks from an invisible sword that cuts your self-esteem into pieces. 

I’ve been called stuff that I cannot forget. It shaped me, it influenced me in ways it shouldn’t have. When you’re young, you just want to be accepted and fit in. And when someone calls you “ugly”, you believe it. Trust me, living in this world, that one word can absolutely shatter a person, leaving nothing but cracks on the soul. 

Now that I’ve grown older, I realize that what people say is not always the right thing. It’s not always something you should believe. But then, I’m human. Sometimes, everything builds up and I break down. It’s impossible to always have an in-trespass-able wall around you. Once in a while, someone says something that just hits you and you feel hurt, you question everything you believe, you hate yourself and then sometimes just feel…empty. 

It’s ridiculous, how we simply get so stingy towards each other. People keep telling me to “get more mean and bitchy”. I’m sorry, I don’t want to take part in the domino effect. People already have a  lot to deal with, I don’t wanna call a random sophomore a “whore” and make her hate herself. I am not the kind of person who hurts people – physically or emotionally. 

My only request is, think before you say anything. Someone might just end up hating themselves because of one word that you said. One word. 


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