So in the city that I live in, Avicii is soon gonna perform and everyone, like every single person I see, is talking about Avicii. Like, I like Avicii, wake me up continues to be in my playlist but guys come on, people are talking about him as if he’s some God coming down to bless us. 

So, I was talking to this girl who spent like 7K to get Avicii passes. I asked, “so, which is your favorite avicii song?” and she goes like, “oh, I just know the chorus of wake me up.” That moment, my friends, I lost my faith in humanity. People don’t even know his work, but they are ready to spend 7 grand over the concert only because it’s the thing, only because of the hype.

I find it ridiculous. 

Sure, if Eminem, or Bruno Mars, or Rihanna came here I would go because boy, I am utterly crazy about them. But spending so much money (and then going broke for months) doesn’t make sense if you’re just gonna stand there. 

Another thing. People are so drunk during concerts, it’s scary. It’s thousands of drunk people cramped inside and jumping and squealing. It’s mushy and sweaty, and there are always those people who are busy taking photos, or those people busy making out infront of everyone. I mean why? Girls, you’re honestly telling me you paid so much to not even enjoy the music but only take photos? And couples, please get a room. 

Nevertheless, it is enchanting to see your favorite artist live and perform infront of you and breathe the same air as them. 


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