The voice

The voices outside get unbearable by the minute as I put my head phones in to block them out. Blasting music, there I sit on my bed, still as the cold air but trying to run away from reality.

“You can’t escape me” a shrill voice whispers into my ear, “you can’t ignore me”

The voice gets louder and clearer, chanting the stinging truth. The voice reminds me what life was all about…a series of hurt and pain, of constant agony and let downs. I only walk through life like an invisible ghost. A trigger, a flashback. I want it to stop, I want to yell for help, but I’m frozen as if under the spell of the brutally honest voice.

“You’re worthless”

“You fugly slut”

“I’m ashamed of you”

“She’s so dumb”

“You dont deserve happiness”

Those words come back from the dead to haunt me, to turn my dreams into nightmares. Those words strike me down repeatedly,  as I crumble down in pieces.  I hear my soul crack, I hear it shatter into pieces. There’s no wound,  but I’m bleeding. There’s no fracture,  but I’m broken.

“Go away” I look into the cold eyes of a familiar stranger.

“Leave me alone!” I punch her, to stop her from echoing into my ears what I already knew. I didn’t live, I existed. Red slips down her hand, as she stares me down with hollow eyes. There’s a connection, a moment of peace, before my knees give up. There is no pain as the voices fade away, as I get swept into the darkness.


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