University shopping

We all have those shopping trips where we end up finding nothing. Oh look, a pretty dress. It’s the perfect color, the perfect cut, the perfect shape. The dress was just symbolic of perfection. You try finding for your size but whoops. Not available. So disappointed and drowning in eternal sorrows, you drag your feet across the mall where you suddenly spot this beautiful handbag. It’s like your dreams came true. The problem is, your dreams don’t exactly fit into your wallet.

So you just go home frustrated.

That is exactly what’s on with me and universities. I browse through the monotonous websites and there’s a ray of hope. I find the place I want to spend the next four years at. Problem here is, it’s on Mars. Or their tuition fees are the blood of a virgin (we all know how rare and priceless that is). Or they just want you to invent a time machine to be eligible for application.

I have officially given up on universities. There is no point hunting for them, because I will never get into one. *sigh* I can see myself working at Mcdonalds.


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