Before I start, I would like you all to know this is not an attempt to brag. If I aimed at showing off I would be posting photos of Gucci and Chanel bags on instagram not venting out. 

So, I had this teacher in my old school and she taught us two subjects. We were close, because there the relationship between teachers and students was informal. One year after I left school, she messaged me asking for a favor. Mind you, I tried to help her out but it wasn’t in my hands. It was related to my dad and his company, and I am nobody to take decisions on his behalf. Since her wish was left unfulfilled, she didn’t talk again. At all.

And I’ve been in so many situations where people get close to you, sweet talk with you, not because they find you admirable and nice but because they need a favor. And if you’re close to me (or even if you aren’t) I will try my best to help you out. But the part that hurts is that people use you. Once their work is done, you are forgotten about, the memories are thrown into the back of the closet. It’s like you don’t exist anymore. 

TO the people who have or do use people: stop. Think about it- what if you were a celebrity’s child, and people got close to you for the fame and the money. You would be lonely, and with time you would build walls around yourself. You would stop trusting people, you would always have a magnifying glass out searching for ulterior motives when people said a simple “hi”. It would choke you, it would suffocate you till you stop breathing. 

I have been in situations where people remember you only when they want something done, and for me it is very difficult to refuse. I cannot say NO, and therefore I’m easy to use-and-throw. That is exactly how it feels when you use people, so please don’t do it. 




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