We all have had those moments where we feel absolutely worthless. Trust me, I’ve felt like a complete piece of thrash sometimes. Those moments make your body feel heavy, and your mind so light.

But thanks to some beautiful, angelic people in my life, I have days where I feel like I matter too. Maybe, just maybe, I am the reason behind someone’s smile. Maybe I have (or am going to) change someone’s life for good. Today morning I woke up feeling invisible to the world, but right now there’s a change. I may not be invisible after all.

Hey you, yes you. I know you’ve lost all faith and you feel disgusted to look into the mirror. But love, believe me, you matter. You were born for a reason. You’re not worthless, you’re priceless. Nobody can replace you, and absolutely nobody can bring about the happiness you can. Nobody has the same sparkle in their eyes, nobody has the sunshine smile.

Maybe you don’t know it yet, but one day you’ll be the reason why someone looks forward to their day. One day you’ll be the reason why someone might collect strength to fight through the day. But until that day comes, you have to stay strong and stay smiling.

And whenever someone or something makes you feel awful, remember that you don’t live for them. You live for yourself, and the ones you love, and not anyone else. When life gives you a thousand reasons to give up, just remember the one reason you kept fighting for for so long. And I promise you, the battle will be worth it. One day, one day not too far, the storms will make way for light and radiance.


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