I happened to look back on my life today, to reflect back. And I realized, life is nothing but a series of choices. Some choices are smart, others are dumb, but they are in the end what shape us. We don’t consciously think of it, but each little choice shapes us. It either crushes us, or creates us.

The decision to reply to one tweet changed my life for good, the decision to go somewhere with a friend almost ruined my life forever. At the time I made both those choices, I didn’t realize what impact it would have on my life…none of us do. It is impossible to figure out the influences of some choices, some choices we take for granted. One wrong turn, and you could either meet your soul mater or never meet him/her. Scary, isn’t it?

As much as I hate myself for having made some choices, I do give myself credit for making others. Most of all, I appreciate all choices I made, good or bad, because they made me who I am today.


2 thoughts on “Choices

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    This was what I thought two years ago. Looking back, I am surprised at how I knew about this fact of life even at 17. Yes, life is nothing but a series of choices. But after two years, I have a broader, wider view of the consequences I faced. I regret more things, the ones I thought were a gift. I know that I have grown stronger with other few choices, the ones I absolutely detested myself for. Perhaps I’ll never know how it all pans out, not before a second from closing my eyes forever. I only hope that when I do know, I have less of regrets and more of gratefulness for the younger version of me.


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