I was a deaf and blind optimist when I said “life couldn’t get any worse” a few days ago. Apparently, it could. Life had its ways to make sure you’re wrong, and pull you down every time you got up.

I have reached a point where I am scared about everything, but I won’t let it show. I’ve been wearing the “happy mask” for so long, I don’t know how to get it off. I don’t know how to let people in anymore, I don’t know how to be true to everyone anymore. Except one, but how much can I depend on that one person? Isn’t it cruel to burden people with your problems? I don’t want to be a person with baggage.

So here I am, locked in my room, and trying not to pass away while working on the million tests and assignments. Amidst all the little voices inside my head and all the loud voices outside, I am blasting music in hopes of muting them both. I have a choice to make – to surrender or fight back…and I chose the latter.

So life, you may have won this battle, but I will win this war. Just wait and watch.


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