We all need an escape from life. Some go play sports, others submerge themselves into music. Some get lost inside books, others get high on alcohol.

And I’m not here to judge anyone’s way of escape. Granted, some behavior may be dangerous and life threatening, but so many people are pushed into it. They have nobody to stop them, nobody to hold them back and help them out. 

But back to the issue, I was talking about escape…mine just happens to be music and writing…both of them enable me to express things I cannot say out aloud, they enable me to feel things I’m too afraid to feel otherwise. They set me free from the trap that’s called life. I have days when I write and write and write, and other days when I put my headphones in and block everything out. I let my emotions flow in a way not possible otherwise. 

We all need a little vacation from life, a little escape now and then. Don’t be afraid to take one. 


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