Friends, the people who make sure you live everyday like there’s no tomorrow. They ensure you make memories, stories you will end up telling your grandchildren. They take the goofiest of the photos with you, and do the craziest of the stuff with you. More often than not, they are the ones you are on the floor laughing with. 

But when this friendship is hanging by a thread, it hurts. I am not in the business to judge people, because I realize everyone has their perspective. What is bothering me is how fragile our relationships are, how vulnerable they are – mostly, vulnerable to blows we make ourselves. I have lost friends in the past 17 years. Some reasons were legitimate and inevitable, the others I regret till date. But there was no point in mourning about the past, so I decided to move forward with my old and new friends, swearing I would never let anyone else hurt our bond. 

I don’t want to lose anymore friends, but I am afraid I am on the verge of losing them. There comes a time when you see the true side of everyone, and then you realize you had been a blind fool all along. The signs were always visible, but I wasn’t ready to accept it. You realize there resides and angel and demon in all people – only you underestimated the demonic presence. Or you turned a blind eye to keep your friendship intact, because you were too scared to lose more friends. 

I don’t know what is gonna happen, but I pray whatever happens is for the best. Not only mine, but for everyone’s best. I hope it settles down soon, that we go back to the days of frozen yogurt and McDonald’s, but somehow my gut says it’s gonna be a rough few days. 

I love each one of them, and I don’t want to be the one making choices. But what if I have no choice but to make a choice? 


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