What not to ask an Indian

  • So, is your city like the one in Slumdog Millionaire?

Aside form the fact that we have the costliest home in the world, the biggest film industry based here, the busiest railway network, an Alpha world city (if you don’t know what it is please google it), have a national park with leopards IN the city, yeah, pretty much like slumdog millionaire. 

  • Do you guys always sing and dance around like bollywood movies?

I don’t know, do you always get attacked by zombies and vampires and are rescued by hot men or superheroes? 

  • Why do you have Female Gods?

Because we’re not sexist. And if you are, get off my blog. You’re welcome.

  • Don’t you get bored answering calls from America?

Yes, because 1.2 billion people spend their nights answering your calls for tech-support. Oh, our sad lives. 

  • So you’re like, super smart?

I used to be smart, but then you uttered that question and my brain cells committed suicide. 


The list goes on and on, but these ones are the ones I come across the most…feel free to share your experiences! 



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