Babies, most of us adore them. They’re basically soft and pink, with that nonchalant smile. They win our hearts out, making us push aside every single worry.

That’s what I want to be like – like a baby. They spread smiles as soon as they enter a room, they speak what’s in their hearts, and only utter the truth. They’re not deceptive, and they don’t play mind games. Babies are bold and fearless, they’re not tied up in the shackles of life. They don’t have worries in life, and they don’t fret over the past. Babies, they are the most curious souls on earth. They throw back their heads when they laugh, they cry till they’re breathless. They are transparent, so pure.

That’s how I want to be. Maybe that’s how we’re supposed to live, but we brainwash them into our suckish world and leave them no choice but to be slaves of their own “adult” minds later.


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