Life mission

In my 17 years of life, I’ve had dozens of career ambitions. From air hostess to neurosurgeon, I’ve wanted to be everything. Hell, I changed my plans as I changed clothes. But for two years now, my dream has remained the same, it’s signed and sealed.

I want to become a psychologist, because it serves two purposes. One, it answers all the questions I ask. Second, it enables me to help people fight their inner demons. The scariest of the monsters don’t live under our bed, they live inside our minds. I feel this innate need to help people drag these monsters out of their heads, and finally see light through the darkness.

I’ve been alone when my world was crumbling down. And if later in the future, I am able to help any one person who needs someone to confide in, I would consider my life to be a useful one. I only want to spread smiles, to help people…not only financially, but on a more personal and intimate level.

So that’s that. I want to make this a world a little better place, so that when I die I’ll know I mad a change – as small as that might be. Trust me, it feels good.


2 thoughts on “Life mission

  1. are you truely only 17??? Your writing is great and your words are so mature. It seems you have been through some great damage in your life and it also seems this damage is making you an even stronger person. Just wanted to say I’m glad i came across your blog..or better yet you across mine πŸ˜€ Keep that head straight!


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