Saying No

Saying this one word, two letters, was the toughest job in the world. If someone asked for a favor, I would almost always say yes. And thanks to that, I’ve had nights where I stayed up doing others’ work as they were dozing off.

Saying no, according to me, was a crime. Someone asking for help and me refusing seemed inhuman, cruel. Before I knew it, people were taking advantage. Only after I got into the junior year I realized that the world wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Everyone had an ulterior motive hiding behind that innocent looking smile and those puppy eyes.

Now, I cannot always so no, but I have learnt to stand up sometimes. I still go out of my way to help people, people who probably don’t even know my name or worse, people who don’t even appreciate anything.

But then, I can’t not help someone.

How about you guys, is it easy for you to say no or do you struggle too?

Oh and guys, the article No, thank you, is a must read.

No, Thank you.


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