There has to be something seriously wrong with the world is teens are reaching burnouts.

I know exactly what is wrong. The pressure to be perfect, to meet everyone’s expectations. Every single person out there will hammer you, hammer you till you don’t break. They will hammer you till you get crushed, or just stop feeling, or rebel. And it takes strength to stand up, stand straight and keep you head high up.

I would know. Every day is a battle with others, and most importantly, with myself. It’s hard to not give into the little voice that keeps whispering, taunting…it’s agonizing, but somehow I make it through. Maybe it’s so difficult for me because I always had a very sheltered life, and now suddenly I’m out in the world. The real world is cruel, most people only want to see you getting lost in the darkness.

At this point, it feels like they’re gonna get their wish fulfilled. But then there’s those few people, those gems, who never used me. Those people who supported me, no matter what. I think tonight, I’m gonna keep fighting the breakdown – not for me, but for them.


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