One year

It was almost one year ago that my life turned upside down. One year ago, I faced my biggest fear, got torn by it. One year ago, it felt like the end of the world. Things happened in moments, moments that will continue to haunt me for life. Needless to say, it left me torn into pieces, pieces I have been trying to mend back together. 

One year later, I’m stronger than ever. One year later, I am not a scared little girl anymore, I know that I can win. It took effort, it took determination to not give up. I would be cruel if I don’t thank the person who ALWAYS helped me up when I fell down. Now, I have control over my life again, I have control over my mind and my soul again. I can’t claim it doesn’t hurt, but atleast I know how to handle the pain. 

Looking back one year, so much changed. I changed, a lot. I never thought anyone would want to hurt me, but not anymore. The innocence is gone, but I am over regretting it. I am done beating myself up over it, questioning everything. Now, I am starting off again. 


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