Everyone has a story, everyone has their own trauma. We all are dealing with our own pains. Some make it obvious, some hide it behind their smiles. Personally, not many may know my entire story, and I plan to keep it that way. 

We all try to deal with something in our past that continues to haunt us. It may be a traumatic event, death, breakups, lies and drama. The list is never ending, and no pain is lesser or greater. We all try to recover from the trauma. 

It’s all a process, really. You don’t just wake up feeling fine one spring morning. It’s a series of horrible mornings where you don’t wanna leave your bed, but you get stronger with everyone. And you fall, not once but so many times that you lose track. You fall, but you learn to get back up. There’s relapses, some of them being worse than the trauma itself. There’s questions, there’s nightmares. There’s loneliness, helplessness. 

But above all, there’s faith, hope. You fight, for yourself and for the ones who care for you. You fight for life and love. You let yourself get lost sometimes, only to find yourself again. In the end, you see the ray of light which blinds you at first, but you realize that’s what you were searching for all along. 

It’s worth it, the struggle. At the end of it, you’ll emerge a not only a survivor, but a warrior. 


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