Hello, 2014

So, the new year’s eve is history. The entire world is in 2014. 

It still sounds so surreal to me, I can’t wrap my head around it. Well, I am not the person who says “New year, new me”. Change isn’t something that magically appears with the stroke of midnight every 365 days, it’s a constant process and we need to work towards it.

That being said, new year resolutions area  great way to start something new, to be motivated. Honestly, I have high respect for whoever keeps their resolutions, because I am a complete failure when it comes to them. My new year resolution last year was to study harder. All I did study was how to procrastinate till everything doesn’t pile up and you pull three all-nighters and end up looking like you’re a homeless person who has been high on all the drugs in the world. 

Basically, I am bad with resolutions, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad! They’re an efficient way to initiate a change, small or humongous. So to all the people who do have new year’s resolutions, way to go! I adore your perseverance, and I wish you luck to achieve what you strive for. 

As for the rest of us, 2014 is another chance to prove ourselves. We were the lucky ones to receive a blank notebook with 365 pages in it. Write every page with all the passion, integrity, love and care. Devote your heart and soul into it. There’s be laugh, there’ll be tears. There’ll be hurt and there’ll be redemption. There’ll be boredom, there’ll be thrill. There’ll be love, there’ll be hate. There’ll be moments that choke you, and moments that take your breath away. And at the end of these 365 pages, you’ll find you wrote a masterpiece. 

Here’s wishing 2014 is as beautiful as you are ❤ 


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