It’s funny, how we spend our entire lives pretending to be someone we’re not. It may be because of peer pressure, because of low self esteem, because of some external forces. But the bottom line is, we don’t live. We exist, trying to be this ideal person.

And for what? The society will judge you anyways. Someone will always find a flaw, someone will always point out how you need to change something about yourself. I’m not saying changing is wrong. Change is important, and you need to strive for the better. But what is unacceptable is to pretend to not have the flaw, to pretend you’re a picture painting by someone else entirely, probably someone who never cared anyway. 

It’s time we stop pleasing others and start pleasing ourselves. Go work out and eat healthy, not be be thin and impress the people, but to be fit and stay healthy. Go and study hard, not to get a fancy certificate but to grab hold of our ambitions. Accept your flaws and work towards negating them, don’t blandly ignore them and pretend to be perfect. 

Nobody is perfect, nobody ever will be. And to be honest, that’s perfection. Perfection is laughing as loud as you wish whenever you please, perfection is saying what you feel about anything and everything. Perfection is being real and being proud about it. 

So go live your life to the fullest. Feel every moment, enjoy every emotion. Make your life memorable.


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