A lost generation?

Someone recently told me “Your generation is messed up”. Well, I cannot disagree. In my generation, losing your phone is regretted and cried over, but losing your virginity? Big deal. In my generation, we’ve seen it all before we’re 18. Alcohol, Drugs, vandalism, you name it and Ta-Da, we know. 

But let’s not forget, this is the generation that is going to bring about a change. This is the generation that stood up to make Kony famous in 2012, so thousands of kids we’re not even related to given justice. This is the generation which takes on the social media, and the streets, protesting about things that don’t even affect us. We raise our voices, because we care. Here, I saw hundreds protest for a lost cause, and then winning it. It is people my age who are fighting racism, the ones who believe in equality. This is the generation that cares about the environment a lot more than any other generation ever did. 

We’re ungrateful? Maybe. Maybe we want more, but we are ready to work towards it. Yes we have flaws, but we do deserve some credit too. We’re not all lost souls doing drugs and partying at night. We’re also the people who will bring about a change, a change greater than anything ever seen. I believe in this generation, what I proudly call my generation. 


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