It gets better

Honestly, I wanted to write about this because I was reading up a lot about Demi Lovato and her album unbroken. She is one classy, fierce young lady and honestly, I respect her so much. And to anyone who hasn’t heard her songs or doesn’t know her story, go and find out. She’s just a “Disney star” to most but what they don’t know is that she suffered with problems but fought them and now she’s inspiring millions.

If she can fight it, so can you. Yes, we know the excuses that are popping up in your head. “But she could go to rehab, I can’t.” “But she had fans to support her”. No, she had haters taunting her every day, in every way possible. Getting into rehab meant risking her entire career, but she did it. You don’t have to go to rehab, but you can talk. To anyone- your friends, family, counselor, even online help forums. Letting your emotions flow will make you feel much lighter, mark my words. 

I am not saying that Demi’s problems were bigger than yours, oh no. I know you must be hurting inside just as bad, but I also know that you’re strong. Just give yourself a chance. Stop trying to please others, and live for yourself, for once. Don’t let them get to you. Don’t let the vicious little voice inside your head scream at you. You’re perfect, so don’t care about what anyone else says.

It’s gonna get better one day. It did for Demi, for me, and for millions of other people around the world. One day you’ll be able to smile without having to fake it, one day you’ll be able to sleep without the pills, one day you’ll be able to eat without worrying about weight, one day you’ll be able to be you again. But you have to fight for it. You’ll never be alone though, we’re all in this with you. 


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