Spread love, not hate

See today, I was coming home and peaked into a bus next to me. Inside I saw a lady wearing a hijab. It’s a scarf, worn around the face, generally by the female Muslim population. Now this lady had quite a lot of shopping bags with her, so she sat down on a seat. The moment she did, the two women next to her gave her disgusted looks and got up. Using their little peanut sized narrow minded brains, they figured they’d rather stand than sit next to an Islamic.

This, my friends, made me sick.

Let me get this straight. Nobody, absolutely nobody, should be discriminated against based on their religion, sexuality, color, skin color, economic status, caste or country. The lady I spoke about was probably a mother, a wife. She was just another human, running errands for her house. So why is it that people refuse to sit beside her? Because she chose to wear the hijab?

We are so blinded, we generalize without a second thought. Yes, terror groups have Islamic-sounding names. But are we seriously going to be prejudiced against billions of people because a few select get brainwashed and terrorize our world? There’s a war criminal, named Kony. He has turned thousands of kids into child soldiers and sex slaves. What if I went ahead and said, “Oh, Kony is an African therefore all Africans are dangerous” or what if I said “Hitler was born in Austria and was a German citizen, therefore all Austrians and Germans believe in mindless slaughtering of innocent people?” Fact is, Kony and Hilter are vicious people. They deserve to be hated, but not their country or religion.

At this point, I don’t even want to reveal my religion because I know that the moment I do, people will interpret this blog based on it. My point is, it is easy to hate people based on our inaccurate and false assumptions. If you really want to be real, be human, try spreading love. Try looking beyond these barriers we humans have created between ourselves. Understand that the blood that runs through our veins in the same, the pain and the joy we all feel is the same. We are humans, first and foremost. We are blessed with the ability to think critically, so make use of it. Spread love, not hate.


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