Loved and lost

If it weren’t so painful, it would be comical. How we meet people, and spend time with them. We feel getting closer to them, we register the small but precious moments. We treasure them and can’t imagine a future without them. 

Suddenly, we’re in the future and they’re gone. Poof. 

We all lost friends along the way. Some we lose to time, to inevitable circumstances. Some we just stop talking to, without any reason. Some we lose to a big fight that shouldn’t have, but did, end in a disaster. Some we lose to heaven. Some we lose to the society. Nevertheless, looking back at all those diary entries from middle school and those photos, little hazy memories hit you and make you realize what you lost. 

I wish I never lose the people in my life right now. As a child, I changed a lot of homes and schools, so I never had a “childhood best friend”. But now that I am pretty settled in my city, the one that I have come to love, I don’t wanna start all over again. Yes, a few friends I remained in touch with. Others feel like strangers to me. We could probably walk past each other on the street and hesitate to wave and say hi, wondering if we have the right to anymore. 

People come and go, and as much at it stings, it’s true. People that I lost, I decided not to feel sorry about how it ended, but smile that it happened. I don’t mourn their loss anymore, but hang on to the mesmerizing memories. Most of all, I just value the people who stayed in my life a tad bit more. 



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