Is it only me or has anyone else noticed how absurd we humans behave when we write this one letter “I” in capital when used exclusively? In other words, anything that is about us becomes so important, we need to write it in capital. I did this, but you/ (s)he/ they/ we did that. As if there is nothing more important in this world than us.

I don’t see other things, much more important than us being written in capital. If I were to write “LOVE, CARE, RESPECT” in capital letters in my English exam, I would certainly lose marks. That would be a mistake, wouldn’t it, to value something or someone more than me, myself and I?

It took me 17 years of writing “I” for millions of times to sit back on day and reflect back on it, because even I was so busy absorbing all the self-proclaimed importance when referring to myself. I never meant to sound pretentious, but perhaps we all do behave pompous when we knowingly write I in capital.

Yes, valuing oneself is essential, but being narcissistic is unacceptable. I cannot change the rules of English, nor can I challenge the logic behind it. What I and you are capable of doing though, is remember that there are things far more important in this world than only ourselves.

Live for yourself, sure, but keep in mind the real scheme of things.


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