The truth about love

It was Valentine’s day this Friday. While some in love couples were on cloud nine, other people retrieved into their shell. As for the few freaks like me and my friend, we decided to go for a movie based on a book which we were obsessed with in our freshman year.

However, all those tweets, facebook updates, tumblr posts ranging from “I’m in heaven” to “This is hell” made me wonder…what is love all about? Yes, love is that feeling of intimacy, of care and understanding…it’s about baring yourself in front of someone like never before. For all the perverts, not necessarily in a sexual way. When you’re in love, you let the other person see you naked, with all your fears, stigmas and flaws at display. That’s the real baring.

But, love is also very simple. Love is when you’re crying a baby just runs her hand across your cheek, without saying a word. Love is when your dog comes and cuddles with you after a long day. Love is when your mother gives you some extra cheese because you are sad. Love is when your father sacrifices on the golf kit for your pair of shoes. Love is when a brother lets his little sister have his favorite food. Love is when a friend gets into trouble for not completing her assignment, so she could comfort you all night. Love is when your significant other wants you to rest instead of talking to them.

Love is simple, we make it complicated. We add the unnecessary drama sometimes, sometimes the world does that for us. But I believe that love, and all kinds of love, will survive the test of time if it’s true.


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