The internet people

I am gonna get straight to the point here. See, I am all for people commenting with their opinions, agreeing or disagreeing. That’s all healthy talking, bonding over the internet. I’ve made some amazing friends here, and I will be eternally grateful of this thing I don’t even understand completely.

However, there are those people who post awful things. Yes, those sadistic, miserable excuses of internet users we normally tag as “cyber bullies.” I was recently under the attack of one. And believe me when I say this – anyone can come up to me and say something, and I will take it to the heart. I let myself get affected by words, and his/her words hurt. Yes, it’s something I would love to change about me, and I am working on it, but presently everyone has the power to either make or break my day.

I have enough dignity and shame inside me to not name out the person, nor list out whatever happened, because that would mean breaking my own rules. Here, everyone remains anonymous, even the ones who deserve to the lashed out at. But I needed to let people know how wrong it is. It is extremely easy to sit behind the safety and comfort of a screen and type out a few nasty words, but to read those words and know they were targeted at you? They make you question yourself, and that is not a good feeling. So before you say, or type anything potentially hurtful, sit back and think. Because a few people – like me – don’t forget things said in 3 seconds.

That being said, I have to mention how a ton of people on here who spread smiles every single day. With simple words and gestures, they make this world a better place. So to you people, you are beautiful, and you should hug yourself because you are a bundle of cuteness.


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