Little soldier

It’s battlefield everyday. Equipped with all your strength and bravery you walk in with the camouflage of a smile. You hear the soft call for war from inside you everyday, the blood curling cries tearing you apart. One last breath, and you walk down towards your enemies, glaring them down with the eyes that once shined so bright. 

There’s war, there’s a brutal fight. They cut through your soul, leaving scars behind. The battle continues, every day and every night. “Stay strong” you whisper to yourself as you stand there alone, defending everything inside of you, the little of what is left. 

One final strike, one final cry, and it’s silence. Somewhere you feel the light again, just the tiniest ray of light, caressing your skin. It’s bloody, it’s painful, it’s tragic. You limp through the battleground, the winner. The wounds heal, but the scars remain to remind you of your true essence – a little soldier 


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