I would love to…

Growing up, we learn how to love materialistic things. We are taught, or perhaps brain washed, into chasing after the green pieces of paper and what it can buy. And personally, I love it too. Yes, I would love to drive a Maybach someday. I would love to buy Jimmy Choos and live in a mansion in Beverly Hills.

But moreover, it’s the little things I would love.

I would love to get wet in the rains with a guy I love. I would love to sleep under the stars one day, or spend the night at the beach with a campfire keeping me warm. I would love to go on a backpack tour, losing and finding my way. I would love to try new things, and I would love to hate some of it. I would love to have lazy days in my bed, snuggling with a good book and rich coffee. I would love to help someone out, even in the littlest way possible.

I would love to find a ray of hope even in the darkest of the days. I would love to see the joy in things we ignore so easily. I would love to love the little things, because these moments put together will make my life extraordinarily beautiful.


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