You don’t realize how your hair fall like gentle waves when you tilt your head while thinking. You don’t know how your eyes sparkle when your favorite song comes on the radio. You don’t see your nose crunch a little when you think about something mischievous. You don’t feel the gentleness with which you caress your kitten. You don’t hear the squeaky, but heart warming voice of yours.

You don’t know how your laugh makes someone’s day. You don’t realize how your tight hugs make the others’ world perfect for those few moments. You don’t notice your little acts of kindness, like helping out a mate in homework or giving out your food to a homeless person. You don’t see how strong you can be during the toughest times, and not let a soul know how much you’re hurting deep inside. You don’t understand how you can be naïve and mature, making you so unique.

You don’t know yourself, but you do judge yourself.

You don’t see how alluring you are, but you hate yourself.


2 thoughts on “You don’t

    1. Well I tend to be “that girl” too sometimes, but I know better than judge myself like the society does…and someone needed to let everyone else know 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!


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