Little note on Life

All the ignorant fools who preach “You live only once”

You live as many times as you wish to live, as much as you crave to live. You live in all those moments when you laugh till your stomach hurts, and also in those where your eyes go dry from crying. Those delicate moments when a baby wraps its hand around your finger, or in those wild adventure times where you jump off a cliff and into the ocean. You are alive when you fall in love, and alive when you get your heart broken and mended again. Life is when your dreams come true, yet also when you learn how to be strong and pick up shattered pieces of one. Losing the way, or losing yourself once in a while and finding yourself again. When you find yourself in the dark, but give faith a fighting chance, that’s living.

You die twice. When your eyes flutter close, your heat beats stop and your soul leaves your body, and when you stop believing that life is every day, every hour, every minute and every moment. Without making every one of them count, without nourishing and cherishing them, you never truly live.



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