The Magic Of Words

Words – like magical spells enchanting us with their illumination. Cast out of wands, they are mirrors to the most enlightening secrets buried deep. They touch us in the most gentle ways, yet hold the power to challenge our very foundation.

There exists, however, a darker aspect.

Words can haunt like blood-curling demons, lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike. They can strip us of our true essence, creating only an illusion of what we perceive to be reality. Blinding us, they trick us into loose way and sometimes, lose ourselves.

The magic of words can be possessed by all, although not everyone chooses to use their power wisely. Some shield themselves with words, others shield words. A few nurture and caress their powers, spreading nothing but light and warmth. A large portion, unfortunately, exploit their power, destroying the fragile fragments of felicity and imposing the kingdom and gloom and doom.

With the gift of power comes the potential to either assist or abuse. As effortless as it is to hurl a globule at a mortal, it holds an enormous risk of destroying them, annihilating their very soul. A little more effort, with a sprinkle of conscience, on the other hand can renew the spark that breeds the fire of life.


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