Getting things straight

This world is a vicious place to live in. No human is blessed with a fairy tale existence. Some choose to be vocal about it, whistle others prefer to bury their darkest secrets. Nevertheless, endless problems are emerging and it’s evident that they’re now an epidemic, emptying us at our very core.

Now one would expect, as the “smartest” species, we would tackle problems at hand with ease. But oh no, when it comes to being empathetic, we outdo hyenas. They kill (allegedly by torturing) to satisfy their hunger. We humans rip apart each other’s very soul apart, shredding it into fragments, merely because we’re basically sadistic and Satan’s soldiers.

Do we help other in need? No. Fine, acceptable. But do we just ignore it? No. We constantly and repeatedly attack the person suffering until there’s nothing left to be torn down. I have heard and seen people claim a range of things concerning a lot of problems, and if I were to pen down each and every one of them, we’d reach the third ice age. However, today I aim to get four things crystal clear. In most cases:

  • Depression is not just a phase. It is a mental disorder, and needs serious attention. It’s like cancer, if not treated, it grows and in the end, kills.
  • Eating disorders aren’t a trend. They’re a sign that something is awfully awry. That someone is burning in hatred towards self – the most catastrophic type of hatred.
  • Self Harm is not attention seeking. It’s an escape mechanism – sometimes the only one people can identify – to  stop them from drowning temporarily.
  • Suicide isn’t cowardly and not always a “spur-of-the-moment” thing. It’s murder. It’s that simple.

If I could have, I would have made it illegal and punishable by a life-term in prison to stigmatize and socially exclude people who are already suffering. What they need is unconditional love and support. They deserve affection, not alienation. Know that people are hurting inside, and as humans our basic instinct should be to be humane. Not everyone can be a therapist, but what each and everyone can do it put an end to taking these terms for granted and using them freely, and understand how scary the ghosts are that haunt these people we tag without any consideration.


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