When I’m Gone

When I am tangled up in wires, the death angel staring into my eyes.

When I am counting my last moments, don’t shed tears. At my deathbed, sit beside me and smile. Let’s watch our favorite movie one last time, or jam to that song we were obsessed with in the summer of junior in the high school. Let’s take goofy photos, and laugh at our weird selves. Let’s break the rules set by doctors, and have skittles while talking about nothing in particular. Let’s make the few moments count, make something to hold on to.

When I am in the coffin, my soul contemplating the vessel carrying me.

When my heart beats no more, don’t let yours sink, don’t mourn my loss. Celebrate the life I had, bid adieu with the spirit of joy. Don’t wear black, let’s have a party. Dress up like it’s going to be the best night of your life, and you are allowed to be a little tipsy. Play the tracks that made me tap my feet, and dance the night away. The last party, not to celebrate my birth, but death – since it marks the end of a journey I had with you.

When I’m making my last journey, reminiscing on the life I had.

When I reach heaven, before a verdict is passed upon me, I will bribe the angels to protect you, from all the misery and pain life has to offer. If not, I will request them to infuse you with some of their strength, so you can fight with courage. And when your time comes, we can be together, again.


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