As children, we were afraid of the monsters that lurked inside our closets and under our beds. We peeped into them to check for evil eyes staring back, and sometimes pulled covers over ourselves as shield. When the morning broke, the monsters were gone. There was nothing to fear anymore, nobody waiting to strike.

As we grew older, we stopped looking under our beds and into the closets. Monsters don’t exist, we told ourselves as we went to sleep with the windows open and covers partially wrapped around our bodies. That was the period with no fear, perhaps the one to cherish and hang on to as long as possible.

As we entered teenage, we uncovered a secret that innocence blinded us to see. The real monsters thrive within people. Monsters are indeed real, and they embody the most human form. They have no claws or sharp teeth, but they are just as capable to hurt all of us. Monsters hide behind the shining eyes and the bright smiles, camouflaging themselves in this seemingly perfect world of ours. Those are the monsters to be afraid of, because they don’t disappear during the brighter hours. They are always present, scanning for opportunities to attack, and when they do, there is no escape.


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