Facing Fears

Personally, I always battled the fear of not being good enough. Of letting people down, of hurting the ones I love and not meeting expectations. I fought hard to never let that happen. It wasn’t about being accepted, but rather not breaking the little trust placed on me. It was about not bringing disgrace to the ones I love, to shield them of any shame.

Alas, the universe conspires to bring us face to face with our biggest fears every once in a while. Each time worse than the previous. For now, I find myself trapped in a labyrinth, getting more intricate with every word shared and tear shed. Dragged into this, the last glimpse of light only remains a memory, something I cling on to.

Escape seems too far fetched a concept right now. The only way is to cope, to find a way to mute the little voice leaving a trace of taunts, tantalising and tormenting me. Having fallen in others’ eyes, I fear I won’t be able to meet mine…


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