Why Beyonce is right

Who run the world (Girls) is just another masterpiece Beyoncé had released a few years ago, and it remains the anthem of many till date. Here are a few reasons underlining why she was so damn right.

1) Your mother is a woman: Which also means that the one who brought you into this world is a woman. The one who tended to your wounds and took you to all those parties and extra practices, the one that helped you through those awkward years of puberty and sometimes, your only best friend.

2) We survive having blood oozing out every month: Try it out. Living in a puddle of you own blood. Add cramps to them. A sprinkle (or an overdose) of raging hormones. It is a minor miracle we resist ourselves from stabbing ourselves or others…probably because there is too much blood already.

3) Beautifully dangerous: Do we have curves and long hair and smooth skin? Yes. We can grace across the room in stilettos, or punch the opponent out in the ring. We are delicate and sensitive, but hope and pray you never tick off a woman enough to see her fatal side.

4) Because Beyoncé is always right. And nobody questions her. Bow down to the queen!


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