A call

The sudden glow blinded her, she blinked rapidly to see through the blur that her world was. She dropped it, and picked it up again. Gulping down the lump, the lump of muffled screams and concealed cries, she tried to think. She had taken her phone in her hand for a reason.

She needed someone.

Her teardrops smeared the screen, as she rapidly punched in the password. She opened her phonebook. Another lump, another gulp, another effort to breathe. Her chest hurt, it hurt to breathe. She felt guilty to even breathe, infact.

She opened the first contact she saw. She hit the dial button. And hit the end button.

“She won’t understand.”

She scrolled down to find a contact most frequented in her logs. She hit the dial button. She waited. And she waited. It went to voicemail, his voice husky.

“He’s too busy. He’s in problems too. No.” she told herself, and didn’t leave any message.

She dialled a name just after his. She wouldn’t let her down, she was her best friend. She would listen and she would help. She needed help, she needed it desperately. One call. Two calls. One text. No reply.

“Must be asleep.”

She went further down, to someone who was always supposed to be there. She told her, she had told her to never hesitate to call her. But her last words hung in the air, whispering at her. She would never listen, she would never care.

“It’s all lies. All fake assurances.”

She looked at her phone. 427 contacts. Not one to talk to. A tear slipped down her cheeks, on the screen. The lump made it impossible to breathe, she was choking. She didn’t fight it, she didn’t resist it. She let the darkness engulf her, just as her phone went back to black.


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