A voice

Crunch. Crunch.

All that she could hear was the crunching of chips in her hand, as she ate absent mindedly. With the stars tucked away under the clouds, a grimness enveloped the city. She looked at the street just below. The vegetable carts were gone, and so were the nonchalant little children. The honks had vanished into thin air, only leaving behind the howls of the estranged dogs, the sole company to her.

Tring. Tring.

Her phone vibrated on her lap. With the slightest hint of a smile, she saw the message.

30% off on all our products!

She didn’t bother reading further, cursing herself for having hopes and faith. “I’m fine by my own” she repeated to herself. She was fine, indeed. She wasn’t curled up in her bed, clutching on to her blanket and breaking into bits and pieces. After all, there’s only so much that a soul can shatter.

She was used to being alone. She was used to the oblivion that her life had become, and had come to peace with it. She didn’t need a conventional life, and dreams were overrated. Her world wasn’t daunting to her. Until that night, when the bubble burst, brightness drowning in the darkness.

She craved for a human voice, any human voice. She needed someone to talk to her, to ask her to give them way or buy the fresh strawberries. She needed to feel needed, to be a part of this world and not a burden. She wanted to hear a voice, any voice but the one taking over her mind. Any voice, except the screaming and yelling.

“Talk to me!” she begged into the void. Her voice only echoed around her, choking her. Just like that, the desperation turned demonic, swallowing what little was left of her broken self.


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