My anaconda don’t

“My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun”

“I said, “Where my fat ass big bitches in the club?”
Fuck those skinny bitches”

Above, as most of you must have figured out in a millionth of a second, are the lyrics of possibly one of the most famous songs of 2014, and words simply won’t suffice to explain how excruciating it is to me. Nevertheless, I will attempt to smack some sense into everyone’s brains, which are apparently as small as their anacondas.

The beat is catchy, I’ll give them that, simply because I feel extremely generous. But the last time I checked, talking about butts did not qualify as lyrics. Especially lyrics of a song sung by a self-proclaimed feminist. My problem with Nicki Minaj isn’t her butt, and her overwhelming obsession over them, but the facts that

  1. She so easily objectified women
  2. Included what is known as “skinny shaming” into the lyrics
  3. Made sure everyone gets the message that a woman’s body is only meant for the guy’s sexual satisfaction and absolutely nothing else.

Now, where do we see the slightest trace of feminism in here? Please, someone buy me a microscope so I can perhaps search for it. Feminism isn’t about declaring war against women who are skinny, or talking about your butt being fat. Yes, go ahead love your body and your soul and watch me respect you for that. But the moment you record a song that talks about  women as objects of sexual pleasure, and also, humiliates millions of “skinny” women, I have a problem with you.

So, to conclude,

My anaconda don’t want none of this bullshit except maybe real and serious talks on achieving equity.


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