She is Malala

Recently, I went on a spree of watching videos on/ of Malala Yousafzai. For those of us who use the internet for the sole purpose whining about school and other erotic things that cannot be mentioned on this blog, she is a young activist from the SWAT valley of Pakistan. The Taliban have subjected the people of this area to atrocities that are beyond imaginable. Under the name of Islam, they violated human rights. And under the same umbrella, they banned education for girls. Malala, a fourteen year old then, raised her voice against the Taliban and was shot in the head.

Call it God helping the good, call it the miracles of medical science. She survived. Or should I say, she grew stronger? (Kelly Clarkson’s prophecy did turn out to be true after all)

Now, it takes no genius to figure out who is morally correct here. We all support girl child education, and we all would condemn the Taliban. The difference between us and her though is that we (or at least I) would hide behind my laptop screen and tweet about it. She went ahead and fought them, a naive soul against the latest ammunition. She, in my views, is one of the greatest and the bravest souls this generation is blessed with. She is better than any fictional character, almost too good to be true. She is one of those people who help you restore your faith, who inspire you to do your bit for a greater good.

And then there were these ignorant *censored* who decided to slam her for:

  1. Her Looks
  2. Her Religion

Let us, collectively, get some things clear as crystal.

This girl is beautiful, okay? Look at her. You see hopes and determination sparkle in her eyes. When she giggles shyly, you see the innocence reflect off her face. Her lips, they give way to the wisest words I’ve heard in a long, long time from our generation. You can cake yourself up with all the makeup you want to, and you can add as many filters as you wish, but I promise you nobody is as beautiful as Malala in her purest form.

And Islam. I beg of you, please, skip one day of netflix and educate yourself about Islam. The religion is so misinterpreted and misjudged, it is one of the biggest tragedies of the new age. Do you not understand that simply because some people decide to achieve their ulterior motives using the name of Islam doesn’t mean that the hundreds of millions of Muslims are spawns of Satan? Is it that difficult to drill into your pitiable almond sized brain?

This was pretty much a rant. Just. I cannot even to describe how much I detest seeing people who call themselves ‘literate’ talk like they were raised by some Anti-Humanity Cult.

Just grow up, that’s all.


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