Everyone has

One day you will come to realize,

Everyone has their secrets, their scars,

Everyone has regrets from the past,

Everyone has changed because of someone,

Everyone has their flaws and insecurities,

Everyone has sleepless nights and lightless days,

Everyone has their battles.

You are not alone in this world, as much as you have conditioned yourself to believe. Look around you, this world is nothing but a place filled with enormous pain. They may not share the same pain, but it doesn’t make it any lesser or greater. Everyone was hurt, and everyone healed. Some a little, some completely. Some hide it better, some let it consume them.

But what you need to learn and accept here perhaps is that it’s alright if you’re in agony, and it’s alright if you don’t know how to deal with it. Because you aren’t perfect, so isn’t this life. It’s alright to bleed, because that’s how you heal.


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