We wait for death

We wait too long.

We roll tears down our cheeks when we get the news on the phone, but never do we use the same device to start a conversation. Never do we get across to them, send one text and make their day better.

We carry flowers for condolences, but never do we bother to find out what their favourite flower was. Not once do we surprise them on their birthday with those flowers, never do we show up with flowers at times that test them.

We carry their coffin on our shoulders, but never do we once hold out a helping hand to a friend in need. Never do we use the same hands to shelter them from the storm, to help them get back up.

We pray for their eternal peace, but never do we try to find out what was bothering them. Never do we be their salvation, their angel, or perhaps, just their companion.

We wait for death, we wait until it’s too late. We wait until the life is gone, until the soul is shattered. We wait, and then we regret.


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