I love someone who is going to die

I, like every other person on this planet, instantly fell in love with “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. It is, indeed, a beautiful book. I was talking to a friend about this book, and she remarked “It’s so painful, because their love story was always doomed. Someone had to die.” And as much as I hated to see Augustus Waters die, as much as it wrenched my heart, I didn’t think it was the worst that could happen to someone.

Hazel, after a point, knew what was coming. I’m not saying that death of a loved one is easy, but somewhere inside, we prepare ourselves. Call it human defence mechanisms, but we brace ourselves for the impact. We think about a life without them, a life where only their memories will help us through the worst. A lot of times, the damage is unrepairable. But perhaps, it is also a little less, because we already strap on the helmet.

On the other hand, it’s the ones who live in ignorance who are truly doomed. The ones who forget to kiss their loved one in a rush, and get a call that they died in a car crash. The ones who perhaps scold their kids because they were throwing tantrums to finish their glass of milk, and then end up losing them in a terror attack. The ones who missed their friend’s party, and find themselves standing at their funeral after they commit suicide.

We are all in love with people who are going to die. We are all dependant on people, some of who will leave us unexpectedly. And we are not prepared for it, because we’re too scared to peep outside our shell and get a fact check. Of the millions who die every day, one could be the person we love. And we won’t know how to deal with it.

That pain is unprecedented.

Of course, the knowledge of having limited time with someone isn’t very pleasant either. Is ignorance bliss? I wouldn’t know. But knowledge of death empowers us to deal with it. Some chose to ignore it, some chose to accept it, and some unfortunate people have no choice.


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