First love

I always underestimated the power of love. The power of first love.

First love will make you do all kinds of crazy things, cross all boundaries, test your limits, breaks the rules. Your first love will make you bleed, and it will make you brave. Your first love will be the one who will teach you how to love, how much to love. It will teach you that there are no definite answers to those questions, that love is often indefinite.

He will grow with you. He will see you change from a naive girl to a strong woman. He will be proud of you when you stand on your own feet. He will be the loudest to applaud when you win. He will help you back up when you fall, and keep his hand behind your back in case you fall. But he will let you fall once in a while, because he understands the need to be independent.

He will smile when you FaceTime him at 7 am showing your outfit. He will kiss your forehead just for the heck of it, and consider dancing in the rain only to see you gleam. He will sing a lullaby, which will keep you up all night, because his voice will take your breath away. He will get mad at you, oh he will. He will drive you insane sometimes, he will make you hit the walls and cry to sleep. But he will make you mad, because he cares enough to show emotion, uncensored emotion. You will do the same. In the end, he will love you in ways you never thought were possible.

His love will first come like a storm, destroying everything, all biases and doubts, giving birth to new possibilities. Then, it will be like a constant drizzle, with rays of sunlight, nurturing what you have. His love will not be like Hollywood. He will not buy you necklaces and take you to Paris for your anniversary. But he will love you in his own ways, ways that you will become addicted to.

Never underestimate the power of first love. It will make you, or it will break you. But it will change you for sure.


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